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What's UX Days Tokyo 2015

UX Days Tokyo is an event based on designing better forms of user interface (UI), which is a very important facet of web development. We have invited prominent UX experts from around the world as speakers for this conference/workshop. Such an amazing lineup of co-presenters is rarely found even overseas, but we are bringing you this experience here in Japan.

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The following UX experts are scheduled to appear at the event:Josh Clark, UX designer and author of the best selling book "Tap Worthy" Aaron Walter, designer of the UI for「MailChimp」, the most used email marketing service in the world. Chris Risdon of 「Adaptive Path」, a well-known consulting firm. Kate Rutter, also of Adaptive Path, who was instrumental in successfully developing UX as the crux of the company's marketing business.Nate Bolt, former「Facebook」 and 「Instagram」 UX research manager.


18.04.2015 (Fri) ・19 (Sun) Total 5 workshops

This conference offers the opportunity to learn many different UI improvement methods and design techniques utilized in various overseas locations including California's famous Silicon Valley. Why not attend this workshop and learn information previously only available in Europe and America?


  1. Aaron Walter Portlait

    Aarron Walter

  2. Josh Clark Portlait

    Josh Clark

  3. Chris Risdon Portlait

    Chris Risdon

  4. Kate Rutter Portlait

    Kate Rutter

  5. Nate Bolt Portlait

    Nate Bolt



Akiba Hall

3 Neripei-cho Kanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0023



ADK Shohchiku Square 1-13-1 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0045